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Our homemade special sauce range

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Saucy HQ!


Locally Sauced

Locally Sauced out of Tawa, Wellington, Saucy Tinz brings you a range of homemade sauces with a unique homemade style and taste. Saucy Tinz prides itself on sourcing products from local stores and suppliers.

The recipes remain constant, the ingredients are fresh and seasonal so taste may change slightly between seasons especially the sauces containing garlic and onions.To ensure the ultimate in freshness, garlic is freshly crushed on the day the sauce is made. We also use freshly squeezed orange juice and lemon juice straight from the whole fruit purchased on the day the sauce is made.

Gluten Free

We have Saucy Crew family members who are celiac (shoutout poppa Fred and cousin Joe). We aim to make all our sauces gluten free at no extra cost.

Homemade &
Carefully Crafted

We make sauces on site in our home kitchen. All recipes have been tried and tested by family and friends before sauce has been produced in bulk.

Support Local

We try our best to source all our produce, ingredients, packaging, labelling from NZ owned companies.


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